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How CRU are you: Cru bucket list

How CRU are you: Cru bucket list

The essential campus activities every Crusader must experience before graduation day arrives!

Get dubbed a Crusader forever. On the last night of Welcome Week, a special candlelight ceremony is held at Luther Memorial. During the event, the president and vice presidents dub all incoming students “Crusaders forever.”
Ring the Sophomore and Senior Bells!  The Sophomore Bell is located in the tower of Luther Memorial. The Senior Bell is in the Senior Bell Plaza, in front of Hardy Hall. Students ring the respective bells at the conclusion of special events such as the Dubbing Ceremony and Midnight March.

Learn the words to “Up With the Purple” Only alumni and seniors can sing this traditional song, which means undergrads have three years to make sure they know the words by heart.

Be a part of Couch Cru. Students and alumni are automatically members, so make sure to join in with our spirit group during football and basketball games.

Win the Stunt Night blanket, which is awarded annually to the class that wins judges’ choice for best skit. Bonus points if your class wins possession of the blanket more than once.

Find out if Presser is really haunted. The legends have spooked generations of students. Whether it is reports of seeing a young woman in the fifth floor windows or hearing organ music playing from the empty building late at night, students have always loved a good ghost story.

“I want to hear the school song!” This statement must be boldly declared while standing on a chair in the middle of Hardy cafeteria, with your ‘Crusader C’ held high in the air.

Be “that guy in the Quad with a guitar” or the girl in the Quad listening to the guy with a guitar. Does it get any more college than that?

Sport a beard for Easter Pageant. For guys, this is usually consists growing out facial hair for at least a month prior to the performances. For girls, the beard is of the faux variety applied on show day.

Go to Pancake Supper during finals. Nothing better than being served a late-night breakfast by your professors, President O’Rear, Shawn Shannon, and the like!