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Inside the Isabelle Rutherford Meyer Nursing Education Center

Inside the Isabelle Rutherford Meyer Nursing Education Center

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The main lobby features an information desk for visitors and students; a flat screen television which displays campus announcements, news, and weather; and a soothing water feature.


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The chapel offers a quiet place for students to retreat to pray. Stained glass windows featuring Christian symbols and the lamp of learning contribute to the peaceful atmosphere.


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The third floor lobby’s floor-to-ceiling windows provide one of the best views of campus.


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The Leroy and Merle Weir Lecture Hall seats over 200 students. Each seat has a dedicated power outlet, wired internet connection, and microphones which are positioned between each pair of seats. The SMART Podium allows instructors and guest lecturers to interact with their presentation that is displayed on dual drop down projection screens.


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The Physical Diagnosis Lab has 12 exam tables. Students use the same equipment that they will see in the clinical setting. Student nurses are able to gather at the tables in the center of the lab, receive instruction on a particular skill, and immediately move to the exam tables to practice these skills.


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In the main lobby, an interactive kiosk station provides the schedule for the building and campus. Directory information is also available to allow guests to find office numbers for faculty and staff.


useNursing Students 2013-01-14-031Two skills labs on the second floor feature a total of 24 beds and 12 mannequins. Students are able to use these labs throughout the program to learn and practice basic nursing skills like IV sticks and catheterization. The mannequins in the labs have pulses and realistic heart and lung sounds, among other features.


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The simulation hospital provides a realistic environment for learning. It includes ten high fidelity simulation mannequins including SimMom (who is able to give birth) and SimNewB (a newborn simulator). These mannequins can speak, breath, bleed, seize, and much more. The nurses’ station in the middle of the hospital allows nurses to chart the patient’s progress using electronic health record software. Video and audio recordings allow students to receive immediate feedback after the simulations in a debriefing room.

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