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Library research workshops provide resources for community

Library research workshops provide resources for community

This spring, Townsend Memorial Library offered a series of workshops discussing everything from graduate research to utilizing apps for scholarly research. “Our goal was to showcase ways that research can be streamlined, easier, and more efficient,” said instructor and librarian Paige Alfonzo, who developed and facilitated the workshops.

Alfonzo added that there is still time to sign up for the two workshops scheduled for April: Web Tools (offered online April 9, and in person April 19) and Publishing Your Research (offered April 24).

“If you’ve ever wanted to use your phone to record a lecture, find the best resources for publishing your research, or utilize software that organizes and generates your citations, then these workshops are for you,” Alfonzo said.

Dr. Christie Bledsoe, whose doctoral students attended a session about copyright and library resources, said the workshops help keep students updated about new research techniques. “Library services have changed with new technologies. Our graduate students benefited from hearing about advancements in research and technology. These web tools facilitate student research. It is a wonderful resource for our students,” Bledsoe said.

The workshops are available both in person and online, and are open to faculty, staff, students, and the general public. To register and view dates and times, please visit or email Paige Alfonzo at