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Lights. Camera. Action!

Lights. Camera. Action!

Charles Jenkins ’08 brings attention to local outreach efforts as host of Christian-based talk show, Attention Central Texas



Charles ‘Skeeta” Jenkins ’08 settles in his chair under the KPLE-TV studio lights. He looks into the camera, waits for the cameraman’s countdown, and begins to greet the thousands of people in his viewing audience.

“Hello and welcome to Attention Central Texas. I’m your host, Charles Jenkins,” he introduces himself then welcomes the first guest of the day.

Attention Central Texas is a Christian-based talk show that extends over multiple counties. Each week an organization is invited to speak about the work they are doing for others.

“There are great people in Central Texas doing outstanding things for the greater good of their community and reaching out to those who are in need. They come on the show to tell people what they are doing,” Jenkins said. “I’m there to enhance Christ’s reputation through the community.”

Jenkins has hosted the show for three years. A chance encounter started his journey in television. As he spoke at a meeting, he caught the attention of KPLE-TV owner Catherine Mason. She asked the former UMHB football player turned motivational speaker and children’s book author to come on the show as a guest. After his appearance, Mason asked him to come back and host the show.

“At first I was surprised because I didn’t have any experience. So I just observed and learned from other people. Each week I watched playbacks to determine what I could do differently—it was trial and error. And now I’m a little better at it.”

As Jenkins engages in conversation with each guest, he connects their charitable work with scripture.

“I think when you do that, it helps people feel like we have a common connection. And when you feel connected to somebody you’re more prone to open up. It makes people feel at ease.”

Off-screen, Jenkins continues his efforts to make a difference as the author of a collection of children’s books. The books, including Believe In Youself, Bruce and Never Give Up, Mary Lou are aimed to boost a child’s self-confidence, self-worth, and self-respect.

“I like to rhyme,” he said. “I’m not a rapper, but I do like writing poetry. So I just take the books and turn them into inspirational stories that motivate kids to do their best, because somebody did it for me. I found that this is an avenue for me to encourage kids through literature and writing.”

Jenkins is in the process of writing his fourth book, with a message that although someone may look different, act different, and talk different from us, we still can become friends.

He hopes to someday have a talk show that is centered on encouraging family.

“I want to call it A Family’s Niche. I’ll invite different people in the community to come on and have a conversation about family.”

-Nicole Johnson ’13