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Scholar’s Day showcases research of UMHB undergrad and graduate students

Scholar’s Day showcases research of UMHB undergrad and graduate students

Scholars Day

UMHB held its 8th Annual Scholars’ Day on March 30, to highlight undergraduate and graduate research being done by students across the campus. The day included sessions where more than 40 students presented posters, papers, and art projects.

Keynote speaker for the event was Dr. Jude Austin ‘10, MA ‘13, who is an assistant professor of clinical mental health counseling at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. Austin recalled how his experiences as a UMHB student presenting his research at Scholars’ Day influenced his development as a researcher. He told the audience how conducting research helped him transition from being a consumer of knowledge to a producer of knowledge, and how exciting it is to be involved in research that can influence a community or society in general.

The posters and papers represented the work of students from many academic disciplines. The poster presentations included such varied topics as “Transformational Leadership: Faith and Classroom Instruction” (Kerri Pearson and Bobbi Ann White), “Autonomous Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Guided Vehicle with Obstacle Avoidance and Mapping Protocol” (Jesse Early and Jacob Branscum), “Preferred Coaching Styles Among Select NCAA Division III Athletes” (Elizabeth Ostroff), and “The Effectiveness of Solar Radiation to Obtain Low Cost, Potable Water from Unclean Water Sources” (Allison Waits).

The student research papers included topics such as “Investigating the ‘Invasional Meltdown’ Hypothesis: Interactions between Non-native, Invasive Russian Olive and the Common Carp” (Rebecca Burrow), “An Unweeded Garden and an Inmost Glass: Hamlet and the Reformation Sin Doctrine” (Jake Raabe), and “The Best Treatment for Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome” (Whitney Boatright).