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Weddings: Spring 2016

David and Crystal Huss

Crystal Donahue ‘10 to David Huss, July 25, in Belton. They are working with Tahoe Resort Ministries in Lake Tahoe, California.



Sharon Maraffa ‘09 and Adam Aguilera April 18, in Carlsbad, CA. Sharon is the assistant director of graduate admissions at UMHB. Adam owns CrossFit Sprag in Belton and is an adjunct professor at UMHB, coaching elective classes, CrossFit, and boot camp.



Jenny Foster ’03, MA ’09 to Captain Daniel Einert, Aug. 3, in San Antonio.


Amy Luna '08 to Nathan Turner, June 15, in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

Amy Luna ’08 to Nathan Turner, June 15, in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.



Cari Enlow ‘11 to Vincent Powers, May 16, in Austin. Vincent is a University of Texas graduate.



Kyla Williams ‘11 to Robert French, Sept. 26, 2014, in Austin. Kyla teaches elementary special education, and Robert, a Texas Lutheran University graduate, is a network engineer.



Bethany Franz ‘12 to Daniel Reese, Oct. 11, in Grapevine.


andrew-sara kester

Sara Kirkpatrick ’13 and Andrew Kester ’12, Aug. 9, in Georgetown



Kelli Bryant ‘14 and Clint Moore ‘14, Oct. 3, in Houston.


van zandtII

Bethany Van Zandt ‘13 to Benjamin McGaha, Oct. 15



Lindsey Howard ‘14 to Travis Scott, March 14, 2015. They currently live in Pflugerville.


Shiffler Hamilton

Charley Rose Shiffler ’15 and Jacob Wayne Hamilton ‘12, MSE ‘13, July 3, in Fischer. Charley is a pediatric nurse at Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene, and Jacob is attending Doctor of Physical Therapy school at Hardin Simmons University.


leah-and-seth stephens

Leah Bunkers ‘15 and Seth Stephens ‘14, May 16, in Athens. Leah is working in the Office of Development at All Saints Episcopal School in Tyler, and Seth teaches ninth grade world geography and coaches at Cumberland Academy in Tyler.



Casey Jessup ‘14 to Timothy Joseph Barrett, Aug. 2, in Woodway.


Mathias II

Amy Kester ‘14 to Josh Mathias, Oct. 3 in Houston. Amy is registered nurse at Houston Methodist Hospital.