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What did the Strategic Plan of 2005-2010 accomplish?

What did the Strategic Plan of 2005-2010 accomplish?

Shaped enrollment
• Increased percentage of students from underrepresented ethnic
groups from 24% to 32% of the student body
• Increased percentage of international students from 0.6% to more
than 2% of the student body
• Increased dollars budgeted for scholarships from $4.8 million in
2004-05 to $11.2 million in 2009-10

Strengthened academic programs
• Updated the core curriculum
• Added two new graduate degree programs—the Master of
Science in Nursing and the Doctor of Education
• Revamped the Freshman Seminar program

Invested in faculty
• Increased the number of full-time faculty and reduced the use of
adjunct faculty in lower-level core courses
• Instituted a faculty sabbatical program
• Created Center for Effectiveness in Learning and Teaching, to
help faculty continuously improve teaching methods

Enhanced student life
• Added four new apartment complexes for students
• Expanded the career center to better meet the needs of students
seeking internships or employment
• Added lighting for the intramural fields, to extend the hours for
student recreational activities
• Continued progress in all athletic programs by earning 11
conference championships and increased activities to foster school
spirit among all students

Improved campus facilities
• Added irrigation to many areas across campus and installed
attractive fencing along the boundaries of the SportsPlex
• Increased the number of classrooms and offices with two new
facilities—the Paul and Jane Meyer Christian Studies Center, and
the Sanderford Administrative Addition.

Used technology to improve services
• Introduced on-line registration system
• Added instructor computer stations and projectors to all
classrooms on campus
• Installed wireless internet service in all campus residences, the
library, and many other areas of campus