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Writing their own love story

Writing their own love story

Wedding 1A shared love of journalism turns into something more for Evan ‘12 and Brittany Montgomery Duncan ’12

On May 25, 2013, Evan ‘12 and Brittany Montgomery Duncan ’12 exchanged vows and committed to work together—in the good times and in the bad. But that’s nothing new for them.

Evan, a journalism and theology/ philosophy dual major, and Brittany, a journalism and church history dual major, began working together for The Bells student newspaper in 2009, on the day Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan killed 13 people at Fort Hood. Evan went to Fort Hood as a photographer, and Brittany helped gather information in the journalism lab as the chaos unraveled.

“We found ourselves together often, as we both are passionate about telling stories, trying to understand faith and life, and working hard,” Evan said.

Since both studied in the journalism and Christian Studies departments, they were frequently in classes together. They quickly became competitive. Brittany remembers telling Evan, “‘I’m going to beat you on this test,’ but he always got two points better than me on everything in class.”

“Everything,” Evan emphasized with a laugh.

Evan and Brittany both worked as editors for The Bells, with Evan serving as editor-in-chief and Brittany as assistant editor one year, and then reversing roles the following year. The year Evan was in charge, “was probably the year of the least romantic feelings. I was a tough editor,” Evan said.

College Graduation As reporters, they were passionate about expanding their work beyond what was happening on campus.

“When you cover a national story that’s bigger than just your school, that’s when you get really excited about what you’re doing,” Brittany said.

Under their leadership, the newspaper won The Society of Professional Journalists’ award for first place as the best all-around non-daily student newspaper for four-year schools in Texas and Oklahoma.

SPJ awarded Evan, Brittany, and journalism major J.C. Jones ’13 second place among all college and university newspapers in Texas and Oklahoma in the general news reporting category for their coverage of the Texas wildfires in 2011. The fires hit home for Brittany especially, because they burned areas of her hometown in Magnolia. Driving from town to town covering the fires, Brittany noticed Evan’s kindness, and “that’s when I decided I liked him,” she said.

They started dating shortly after working on the fire stories together, and seven months after they graduated from UMHB, Evan proposed at the same park they often walked to as students.

Today, Evan is the Communications and Media Director at First Baptist Temple and attends Truett Seminary in Waco. Brittany works as a coordinator at Livesure, an insurance marketing company in Temple where she does “a little bit of everything” including communications and social media. Prior to that, Brittany worked in the news department at the local TV station KCEN. During that time, she covered events such as the Hasan trials and the fertilizer plant explosion in West.

“Working for The Bells definitely prepared us for the future—not only in our careers, but also for our life together,” she said.

-Tyler Agnew